Exit Strategy
Papier-Mache, Toy Propeller-Plane, Bottle Rockets
20" x 18" x 10" 

Currently on display in "Wish List" for Gallery Project, in Toledo, OH.

Statement for Exit Strategy

Laser cut board, copper paint, fishing line
12' x 2' x 2'

Image from computational model used for construction.

Statement for Coinflip

Permanent Address
Foamular 150, Vacuum line, LEDs
6' x 6' x 12'

Made in collaboration with Rob Todd

Displayed at The Harris Building in Grand Rapids, MI, for Art Prize (2013)

Currently on display at Menlo Innovations, in Ann Arbor, MI (2014 - 2015)


Final Tally
Baby Scale and Ash
16" x 16" x 16"

Listening Room
Chair, MP3 Player & Headphones
Plastinated Brain Slice & Sonified Neural Recording

These two pieces were on display Sept - Oct 2012 at Gallery Project in "Quantified Self" a show that I curated along with Kyle Kramer


Permanent Address
8" x 8" x 4"
Basswood, Wire, LED

On display now through mid-April at The Gallery Project


12" x 18"
oil on canvas board

This piece was on display recently at the Work Gallery organized by Pop Up A2.

You can read a bit more about my work in an interview with Pop Up A2.


Some press which has featured my work in the Extremes show at The Gallery Project, this past July:

A shrine for those who have given their lives to ironing.


Surface Images of Satellite #3

On display beginning April 6th at The Gallery Project


The two pieces below were on display at the 2010 All Media Show at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

3 x 5"
Oil and Mixed Media

5" x 8"
Oil and Mixed Media


height: 8", copper wire, epoxy resin, hot glue, green LED
base: 5" x 5", pine
power: 4.5 V on 3 AAA batteries

This piece is on display in the Mind show at The Gallery Project through the end of March. Thanks to those who made it to the opening!


forms from Colin Raymond on Vimeo.

This is video is an exploration of an analogy about the molecular landscape of the human body.

Our body is made largely of protein, complex molecular machines that begin as a simple linked chain. they take their final structure by wrapping up upon themselves in order to release a kind of tension or energy stored in hundreds of small electrical charges.

In this video I add tension to a thin cotton rope by twisting from one end. with enough tension higher order structures form spontaneously. the shape and movement of the rope has a remarkably organic and sinister quality.

music by aphex twin


detail of run_4281

striders application:
laptop with generative animation written in MATLAB

digital print 12" x 18"

striders was display in Capturing Motion
at Gallery Project: Nov - Dec 2009

Photograph courtesy of Alex.


My piece "Rainy Night" was selected for the 2009 All Media Exhibition at the Ann Arbor Art Center (on liberty and main st.) Thanks for joining me at the opening.
Also, I have four pieces on display at the 4th Avenue Gallery. Check them out any Friday night from 6-10 pm. Free music and refreshments, too. Located at 210 S. Fourth Avenue.


Classical/modern portraiture.

Visit the Upstairs Downstairs Gallery

This gallery is a collection of subtle, abstract images.

Visit the Rainy Night Galley

Impressionism, landscape and urban scenes.

A collection of portraits on paper using graphite and mixed media, from 2003 and onward.


A collection of abstract expressionist works in mixed media. These pieces were made between January and April of 2009


Various Works from 2003-2008

Not entirely sorted and somewhat organized by theme, this gallery is here if you are curious to see some more recent experiments or work while traveling in Europe during the spring of 2003 (the good old days).